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You Mastering Strong vs. Weak Program

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25min Skype/Phone Sessions

Prerequisite: YM 1 with Dr. Yuen or a Certified YM Teacher (live or online or Dr. Yuen’s eCourse)

Price: $599

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Price: $500

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You Mastering YM Strengthening Program


25min Skype/Phone Sessions

Prerequisite: You Mastering Strong vs. Weak Program

Price: $999

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Price: $900

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**(All Sales are final)

Dr. Kam Yuen and Chaim Alexander

Dr. Kam Yuen and Chaim Alexander

What Students Are Saying

I feel very grateful that I've met Chaim Alexander. He is a great Mentor, Teacher, Guide and a friend. When I first had an intro session with him, I was blown away by his speed of strengthening and solving my internal weaknesses. My mind understood nothing but results spoke for itself. I felt wonderfully light and refreshed that I decided to learn Yuen Method myself.

Chaim has a very result oriented approach when teaching, and he will make sure that you not only "absorb" Method, but take action and charge of your life. Assignment that I was given, taught me to stretch myself 100 times more than I thought possible and I should say, we learn in action.

Talking about Results that I've experienced: in 36 days I had 64 sessions with different people, applying method on them and performing results. I had a success rate 96%!!! Which is incredible.

Wonderful transformations happened at that period: some stated pursuing their long lost hobbies, some found soul mates, some started their fitness after a long period of break.

Knowing Chaim, and have been working with him showed that his main goal is for me to succeed.

Try it yourself and you will know.

Humbled and Grateful.

— Olga Kouchnirenko
Transformational Coach

I recently attended the first level certification class by Chaim, thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated the 2-day workshop which was very well thought out and executed.

Hard as it is to grasp the Yuen Method mentally, Chaim set up the class in a very "Yuen" way and made us practice, practice and practice, as in real life scenario ---- "Think briefly, don't think & feel."

This has been quite a rocking experience out of my comfort zone !!!

A big Thank You to Chaim, for initiating us into the unknown frontier of knowing.

— Siko Khoon

One day, I got a message from my sister asking me to attend a seminar with her. Of course, this seminar turned out to be one that was conducted by Chaim!

Chaim has a calming disposition about him and his teaching style is focused, clear and effective. As a teacher, he is patient and has strong insight. I am glad to have attended his course and it definitely feels better to start the day with fewer blocks in the way.

Thanks Chaim!

— Linda