Are You Suffering From a Debilitating Health Condition?

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Triple Your Healing Speed™ is specifically designed
for resolving health conditions with debilitating symptoms.

Triple Your Healing Speed™ Masterclass


Triple Your Healing Speed™ Masterclass
The Science and Strategy - Part 1

Triple Your Healing Speed™ Masterclass
The Science and Strategy - Part 2

Triple Your Healing Speed™

DIY 5-Month Protocol (Updated)

Cell Regeneration, Mitochondria and Cellular Detox Therapy

Repair and Regenerate the tissues, organs, nerves and systems in your body.

Repair, Energize and Protect your Mitochondria.

Cleanse and Detox the Body down to the cellular level.

  • Nano Soma Liquid Spray

First bottle – 5 sprays in mouth, 4 times a day, 4 hours apart until you finish the bottle (around 1 week)
Second bottle – 5 sprays in mouth 2 times a day until you finish the bottle (around 2 weeks)
Continue with 5 sprays in mouth once a day

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  • Apply X39 and X49

Apply X39 and X49 Phototherapy Patches during the day for 5 months

Get the Patches here

Instructions: Follow the instructions given in the package.

The above protocol will assist in raising the Glutathione levels.

Parasympathetic Nervous System

Bring your Autonomic Nervous System to a Parasympathetic state.

Benefits for when the Autonomic Nervous System is Parasympathetic:

  • Achieve homeostasis
  • Digestive system can function optimal
  • Lower Stress levels
  • Improve quality of sleep
  • And most importantly for this program… Speed Up Healing

Apply Alavida and Aeon Phototherapy Patches for 5 months

Apply Aeon during the day or night.
Apply Alavida at night.

Get the Patches here

Instructions: Follow the instructions given in the package.

Accelerate Healing

  • DOD C60 in Organic MCT Coconut Oil
  • Black Diamond Crystals
  • DOD IGF1
  • Infinite Iodine
  • Belly Button Therapy

Instructions: Follow the instructions given in the package.

Water Therapy

Deep Hydration and Water Element Cleanse

Drink, Cook and Bathe with Structured Water.

Benefits of Structured Water…

  • Hydration all the way down to the molecular level
  • Speed Up Healing
  • May help detoxify the body on the molecular level

Vitamin C Therapy

Take the Vitamin C Deficiency Self-Test.

Amount: Based On Self-Test Results.

Digestive System Support

Give your digestive system a rest by implementing the following:

  • Stay away from foods that are tough to digest or take a long time to digest
  • Skip meals…
  • Fast once a week
  • Replace some meals with fresh vegetable/fruit juices or smoothies with no ice, several times a week
  • Stay away from dry foods
  • Stay away from cold food and beverages
  • Stay away from Dairy
  • Stay away from Grains
  • Stay away from foods that make you bloated
  • Don’t eat past 7:30pm

Digestive System Support

  • Daily Cleansing Tea
  • Black Gold
  • Digest Complete

Instructions: Follow the instructions given in the package.

QiGong Therapeutic Exercise

Yang Restoring Posture or Hunyuan Posture Exercise

Do it for 30 min or more, once or twice a day.


Be in bed by 10:30pm.

Do this simple, yet effective Triple Your Healing Speed™ Protocol for 5 months…

And enjoy your results 🙂

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