What Clients Are Saying

I Take Action Every Day Now

Chaim is amazing in spotting and strengthening weakness and is a great mentor for me. Now when I look at accomplishing my projects it feels doable and I take action every day. Not only he clears and deletes the blocks, he also stretches your boundaries and comfort zone through action.
Thank you, Chaim, you are a true inspiration.

— Olga Kouchnirenko

Ready To Open Up My Business

After delaying and thinking of all the reasons why I could not open and run a distance reiki / essential oils, I finally and pleasingly finished a long refresher course in reiki levels 1-3.
I am very close to opening and found that I am not required to have a state license to do in-person or distance reiki in my state. It has been a long way in the planning….
Taking the “21-Day Wealth & Prosperity Energetic Empowerments” program has nudged (shoved is a better word) to complete the course and go through the final logistics for starting this business….

thank you. thank you. thank you.

— Wendy Hawthorne

Received Abundance In Every Way

Since starting the “21 Day Wealth & Prosperity Energetic Empowerments” program I have received abundance in every way, more work, more positive people in my life everything is evolving for my highest good and I feel relaxed and able to take it on!
Thank you 🙂

— Michelle Rowland Riggs

Moved Forward Quickly and Without Struggle

Working with Chaim, I have moved forward in many areas of my life quickly and without struggle.

— Kate Belle-Fortune

Started Taking Action In Projects That I Was Procrastinating

I want to thank you for the “21 Day Wealth & Prosperity Energetic Empowerments” program, I was in your calls , I received more energy and I started taking action in projects that I was procrastinating. I wonder what else is going to show up now? Thank you!

— Rocio Salgado

In minutes my headache went away and eyes stopped hurting & my digestion felt better!

Wow! I was very impressed with Chaim’s knowledge and his razor sharp intuition as he tuned into the areas I asked him to work on.
I’ve been feeling insecure and he tuned into karmic reasons for my issues. He worked on my throat, nervous system and way more and in just minutes my digestion felt better, my headache went away and eyes stopped hurting.
He also gave me a great tip to strengthening the foundation of my body so I feel better forever!
Chaim, you are a wonderful Energy Practitioner and your kind voice and reassuring nature is a welcome added bonus!

— Amy Vasterling
Intuitive Pathfinder

Proactive and Motivated

Hello Chaim,

I just wanted to thank you again for the session we had.
All I can say is that since that day I have felt unstoppable, I’ve been working and doing the things that I wanted and was planning to do for a long time and that I was leaving behind.
That was what we worked in the session. I haven’t felt this proactive and motivated for long time. Nice.

Sandra Iozzelli,
Coach for Entrepreneurs

— Sandra Iozzelli

The clearing I experienced left me feeling… free and open and ready to move forward with my life!

Feeling VIBRANT! Wow….
I had a comprehensive Energy session with Chaim Alexander!
Chaim works with ease and follows the energy and gets right to the heart of the issue. Without knowing what was happening with my body on a physical level… he immediately connected that my fear and uncertainty was connected to my spine.
I am recovering from a spinal injury and while Chaim was not aware of that. His elegant and precise energy technique allowed a massive shift… physically, energetically and emotionally.
Chaim took the time to go through all of my systems that were calling for support and deleted many blocks.The clearing I experienced left me feeling…. free and open and ready to move forward with my life!
Chaim’s compassion shined through the entire process and the guidance he shared expanded my view on healing!!
Chaim is a truly brilliant and gifted Energy Practitioner. With Chaim’s support and healing you will THRIVE TO INFINITY!
Thanks, Chaim!

— Nancy Jean Mirales
Chakra Therapist and Founder Your Beautiful Chakras, Creatrix of Sacred Soul Evolution

15 Years Of Jaw Issues Gone

Hi Chaim,
Thanks again for the very good session we had! I felt so great afterwards and I wanted to give you some feedback so far. First of all, I did record our session for my own benefit. I can feel the energy in my body very easily and therefore it is very beneficial for me to re-listen to sessions because I'll go back to that juicy state that usually occur after a session. I've just listened to it again now and I feel the same deep relaxation as I did after the session.
Before going into the details I have to say, what an efficient Energy Practitioner you are, both in how many things you can address in a session and how deep the healing is. I've had a few sessions with different healers and you are by far the best I've come across. Just so you know :))


So this has been my biggest problem. I've had clenched jaws for 15 years, and I woke up every morning with cramp. I've had a mouth guard which is supposed to relax the jaws but that has never helped me, other than protecting the teeth. The day after our session I woke up with no cramp in the jaws. Today is Thursday, so four days after our session, and still no cramps. The jaw issue is gone. After 15 years, can you believe it??
You also worked on the hips, ankles, atlas and spine in connection to that. I've had a lot of snap, crackle, pop in the neck and connected areas. This has helped release tension in the back, shoulders and neck.


I didn't specifically have a digestion problem but it came up in connection to the cranium. The funny thing is, my stomach works much better. I don't get bloated, and my stool is much better. I feel much more relaxed in the abdomen now than before. I also don't get pain in the stomach after eating certain things. I used to feel in the left side of the stomach when I'd eaten larger meals, but I don't feel that at all.

My job

I was very happy when you said that I was strong towards my job, because I do love it. You cleared up a sense of loss around the job, a connection to an illness to a coworker and issues around women standing up for themselves. All of it was true for me before.
We also talked about the balance between working days, off days and holidays, and strengthened that. Here is the really, really cool part. I used to have a high level of anxiety every day. Not just on work days, I always had the feeling that I need to hurry up or a disaster would happen.
This made my work days very very hectic, I was literally working fear based all day long. I could sit and just watch email after email come to my mail box. The feeling of every email meaning an hour of work and when you leave work you have more emails than when you came.
NOW, the day after the session - total calm. Peace, no panic. I worked very efficiently and I managed to have less work left when I quit work that day then when I started. It is as if I have a completely new vibe and I don't pick up the fear based tasks anymore.
This work week has been the BEST ever, for years actually.
So once again, thank you so much.

~ Marie, Sweden

I woke up this morning feeling energized and renewed!

Thanks for the Energy Activations for Success in 2017 TeleEvent call last night, Chaim!
I woke up this morning feeling energized and renewed!I also noticed last night my sleep was very peaceful and calm. This is going to be a real game changer for me in 2017.
Thanks again, Chaim!

Hi Chaim!
These activations are kicking into second gear now. My relationships are starting to explode. Everyday i am meeting new people. Even my online computer inbox is full everyday with new people wanting to be friends. This is amazing!
Thanks, Chaim!

— Marcus Johnson

Energies in my body have gotten more intense / stronger...

Hi! My name is Bart A. and I live in Belgium. I attended the New Year's Energy Activations for Success in 2017 call last night. I have been very 'sick' for 15 years.I have been diagnosed with major depression, general anxiety disorder, fibromyalgia,chronic pains and extreme fatigue. I'm not only diagnosed with these things, i also experience them daily 🙂

Of course there'a long history in developing these disorders and disabilities.I had a lot of difficulties in accepting myself as a gayman and created mental disorders . I started working 15 years ago in a serie of very physically exhausting jobs and I got sriously burned out , mentally and physically , on top of the first problems. I'm fatigued and have pain until now. My digestive system is out of order and I have chronic hyperventilation all the time. I 'm often desperate and have been having suicidal thoughts for months

I can not work normally now for 15 years , because I have a lot of pain and fatigue and extreme mental confusion . I do voluntary work a few times a week when I am able to: I take care of some old people and do some little jobs for the School of Ayurveda in my city . Also I lost my vision/eyesight for more than 60 percent. A lot of the time I have to lay down or rest. I am only 42. I have been doing a lot of therapies and healings . They all helped . But I don't get healed completely . I consider myself healed for ....maybe 40 percent. Not more.

There's a lot of suffering left . I have been working with some healers that I got to know via the telesummit FHTJ and bought a few sessions and Mp3's, but I just feel the changes .. lets' say for 25 percent. In the past year I started feeling warm, waves ( rays) of strong and new ( to my body) energy in the center of my physical body. But most big parts of my body stay fatigued, cold, empty and painful. There's never a complete healing, nor breakthrough.Your call last night , for me , was in the middle of the night : 2:30 am . I had so much difficulties to stay awake , but I m happy I did it .I must say , that I feel different today . ( So , yesterday evening was your call. ) : Energies in my body have gotten more intense/stronger . I can feel them running upwards from my feeth through my legs and up my upper body. I feel some new kind of energy. I also felt a little happier than normal today. I will see what the next days bring.

I don't know what the next weeks will bring , but if there 's a major change , I will let you know 🙂

Greetings ,
Bart A.

— Bart A.

Pain Dramatically Reduced

(SMS/Text Message Session)

Donna: Gm. I know its early & I am sorry 2 bother u. I need some help please. I have been sooo sick for 14 days already. Last night it became really bad & I am scared. My throat is very sore and my ears hurt a lot. Can I find u later 2 do some Yuen? I don’t think I should be moving anything & I think ur going away next weekend. I really don’t understand this!

Chaim: Ok

Chaim: How are you feeling now?

Donna: Getting better thank u! Xooxoxoxoxoxo

Chaim: Keep me posted

Donna: Ok, Thank you so much!

Donna: I was really scared Chaim. Thank u 4 helping me. Everytime I think its going away it came back w a vengeance. My ears went from a solid 10 to a 2 and my throat went from a solid 10 to a 4. Thank u! Xoxoxoxoxo

— Donna D.

Irrepressible sense of well-being and flood of positive occurrences that manifested during the 8 days...

The irrepressible sense of wellbeing and flood of positive occurrences that manifested during the 8 days Chaim worked on me could NOT be coincidence.

I have been suffering for years from chronic brain fog and painful weekly migraines so I jumped at the chance to join the Power 8 program in hopes of experiencing some relief.

To my surprise, since the first day - and continuing beyond - my thinking has been clear. And I haven’t had ANY head pain! Really. I’m totally floored.As a bonus, I experienced a vivid, healing dream from which I awoke totally neutral to the previously heart-aching real life situation it represented - and I remain bafflingly unfazed when I think of it.

This goes above and beyond the expectations with which I agreed to participate. And by participation, I mean just enjoying 8 days of feeling GREAT for no apparent reason and simply watching all the positivity flowing into my life without doing anything out of the ordinary. Chaim is a truly gifted and profoundly intuitive human being and I am deeply grateful for his beautiful work.

Big love and thanks.


7 years of digestive issues gone

I have had digestive issues for the last 7 years. In our session you strengthened the energetic weaknesses in my lymphatic system and digestive system.
It only took a couple of minutes. You told me to see how my stomach felt and if my digestion was better.
I felt better within seconds! I haven't had any problems since.
Thanks Chaim!
You truly are an amazing Energy Practitioner.

— Marcus Johnson

I Got Such Valuable Insight

Chaim’s ability to read into my energies was spot on. After my call with him I got such a valuable insight and for this I am eternally grateful.
It was a real wake up call.
Thank you for your time and effort.
Well worth working with you.

— Cindy Benzinger
South Africa

I was able to change habits that did not serve me anymore

I had a session with Chaim. We worked on different issues from health to life projects.
Chaim cleared the energetic blocks and after the session I was able to change some habits that did not serve me anymore.
My health and especially my energy level improved. When you work with Chaim you will soon see that he values your time.
He will pinpoint the relevant issues quickly and surely and clear the underlying energetic issues quickly and efficiently.

Kind regards,
~ Bianka

Everything Has Been Flowing Amazingly

So many things has happened, so many syncronicities, everything has been flowing amazingly.
I will like to share, but It will be long 🙂 On the 14th my roommate told me she couldn’t extended the contract and that I could stay only until June 15th. I was surprised but relaxed, I “realized” I really wanted to be by my own. I did my numbers, felt optimistic and saw good perspectives, I didn’t have the money for the 1st month plus the 2 month warranty I’d be asked, next day I got a message from my bank offering a quick loan for about that amount, I took it as a sign. I focused on “speed of implementation” 🙂 Started looking for places, saw 15, I wanted to move at the end of may, Wednesday and Thursday looking for place, Friday signing contract, weekend moving. After visiting 2 apartments on Wednesday I felt i found my place, very nice connection with the owners, i kept looking anyway thinking how can I ask for a discount, and then they wrote me at the end of the day, saying they will reduce that amount so I can decide, without me having to ask for it! They also requested me only one month warranty…
I needed to move this weekend and the person that was going to help me called saying he was not coming, but just before that I met a guy because of work and he offered helping me out with the moving, I thanked him but said everything is handled. Ok just in case somebody fails you. So I had to call him last minute and I have the help of a cute Spanish guy instead, fun! Its Saturday and I’m in my new place with all set up!
Feels so good!
There is more…
What I’m thinking appeared suddenly, I needed a Tv for my new place and I got an offer today for 25% discount on TVS just during this weekend, so I jus bought it! I talked with a friend we should see each other in some moment next day, next day I run into her in the pharmacy, then I thought i will go to another friend to say hello, I didn’t have to arrive to her place, because I met her half way there, I was in the bank and a woman I met before recognized me and said she was told a couple of days before to contact me for marketing support and she was happy to see me there, we made and appointment, I met a guy in a social event and he wants help with work.
I saw a loli pop on the pharmacy, thought I want that but didn’t buy it, next thing I got a taxi and the taxi driver invited me a loli pop exactly as the one I just wanted!
Amazing 🙂 I’m sorry for this long testimonial but I’m so surprised with how things are unfolding…
A friend of mine just asked me today, what was I doing to have things going this way?
I told her about the “21 Day Wealth & Prosperity Energetic Empowerments” program, she wants to join the next one!!
Thanks Chaim.

— Sandra Iozzelli

I feel like my prayers were answered

I feel like my prayers were answered in so many different issues with my session with Chaim Alexander.
I got pain relief, emotional relief, structural realignment and help with Fibromyalgia. Many clearings also for relationship issues.
I highly recommend purchasing any package available.
One of the most potent Energy Practitioners ever on FHTJ, providing immediate results.
Thank you just isn't enough.

— Marcia Hime

Phobia of Frogs Resolved

(Email Session)

Hi Chaim, Thanks.

Ok 1 issue in 3 sentences….. Phobia of frogs = their eyes and their texture freak me out. I always think they are going to jump on me. It makes me scared, stressed and nauseous.

Many thanks,

Hi Chaim,

I was driving home on my motorbike last night and a frog was in the road and it hopped towards me as I drove past – normally this would freak me out, although I flinched and moved my foot a bit, I didn’t scream or freak out at all!!
I don’t really understand what you did but the frog was more of a nuisance than something to be scared of!

Thank you x
Samantha George

International Holistic Lifestyle Coach, UK

— Samantha George

My body has less pain and I am able to walk much longer distances

I am very pleased to say that I have benefitted greatly from the Power 8™ Group Program for Vitality.
I have experienced an improved balanced approach to my work and have received compliments from some clients.
I have experienced an ability to talk through their thinking to keep them balanced and less stressed in my presence when I need to, in most cases, without "being the entertainment", or feeling compelled to explain too much.
My body has less pain and I am able to walk much longer distances. I spend less time "wanting entertainment".
I can have no mind again, or not.
I sleep restlessly or not and it matters little as I know I have found what I wanted; not a guru; but beings who enable me to feel better and improve myself to face my weaknesses.
There are no words to explain the gratitude I feel.
BIG thanks to Chaim.
My attitude to my life is changed for the better.

— Penelope

Fear Caused by Traumatic Event Gone

I had not experienced something like I did before I met Chaim…
In the past he told me that he could help me whenever I feel tired or stressed, that day came. while I was commuting to my home I was robbed at gun point. The robber shot off 1 shot and injured someone on the bus. I felt really bad because they stole some important documents and besides, I got really scared.
Two weeks later, I could speak to Chaim and he told me that we could do an activity in order to make me feel better.
During those 2 weeks I could not stay out outside at night because I was afraid of everything. Also, I could not sleep well.
After our session which lasted about 20 minutes I started feeling better.
Now I can get some sleep and I recovered my life, I mean, I can do things like usual but without feeling scared

Unca había experimentado algo como lo que me ocurrió cuando conocí a Chaim. Había pasado tiempo desde que hablé con él y me comentó que sí algún día me sentía cansada o estresada el podía ayudarme. Ese día llegó. Fuí asaltada en un camión en mi camino de regreso a casa. Me sentí mal porque robaron documentos importantes además de que me sentía muy asustada. Cuando hablé con Chaim me comentó que podíamos hacer una actividad que duró aproximadamente 20 minutos. Anteriormente no podía dormir bien y no me gustaba estar en la calle durante la noche. Después de la sesión la cuál duró 20 minutos me sentí mejor, ahora puedo dormir mejor y hago mi vida normal como siempre.

— Tania Ugalde

Instant relief from neuropathy pain

I did two telegroup conference with Chaim and his colleagues. I was skeptical at first but I gave it a shot since it was a free event.
I suffer from Lyme disease and have severe neuropathy in my legs. I also have two ankle ulcers that are causing a lot of pain.
I got instant relief from the neuropathy pain in my legs for a time being after being worked on by Chaim.
It was strange for the first time in over a year I had minimal pain for a few weeks in that area. I don't know why it worked but it did.
I wouldn't hesitate to work with Chaim again and I plan to…
I would recommend him to anyone seeking relief.

— Sharon O'Leary

Resistance and Terrible Flue Gone

I want to share my experiences working with Chaim. Before working with Chaim I was resisting too many things and I was very in-decisive about some things in my life and I used to feel a big resistance when thinking about them. Also, the day that I was working with him, I had a terrible flu.
My flu got so much better in just 2 days and I started to do the things that I strongly resisted in the past.
Change was so quick and observable.
Now I experience acceptance, clarity and aliveness.
I really appreciate Chaim’s help too much and want to thank him.

— Ayse Kilic
Istanbul, Turkey

I was amazed at how quick it worked and how simple it was

Using the technique Chaim describes in Balance Your Emotions via Your Internal Organs to Improve Your Health and Vitality Audio Course to help us release the emotions that have been triggered, I could find peace again after an argument I had with a loved one.
In 5 minutes or less I began yawning a lot and feeling the emotions coming out of my body and found myself in a neutral space and quite peaceful.
I was amazed at how quick it worked and how simple it was.
Thank you very much, Chaim.

— Carolina

Overcoming Blockages

Before working with Chaim I was struggling with my exercises routine. Going through financial and emotional challenges for the last few years, my physical routine was getting smaller and smaller, or even none existent, fear was taking too much space in my head I was on a survival mode.
As a trainer, I coach and teach people that moving is really important and something you should not escape, even if this is at a low intensity.
Now, being in a fear reaction for financial reasons, I thought I would be more efficient by studying and learning more tools to have more clients. Then I have learned about the Yuen Mastery and the services of Chaim. Knowing and trusting the skills of Chaim in Holistic training, I wanted to have a try of the Yuen Mastery and I was really surprised.
I asked Chaim to help me with the basics:
I need to move, help me to go back to a physical routine. This is especially important for me that as a child, I was more often in a “freeze” state than in action. And Chaim really impressed me with this technique: after a few min he was giving me info and directions to understand what I was going through and what was blocking.
After the session, he gave me exercises that really blow me away. I sat down and observe what I was feeling: better. Then I asked to my inner self what the next step was. The answer was quick and surprising at first: “Take a week off, practice Tai-Chi, meditation and fasting for a week”. I told my wife, not taking it seriously and she said “If you do it, I will support you” Waouw … as a freelance, on a survival state for the last 5 years, it was a big choice to make and I have done it. I cancelled all my clients of the week, with this strange node in my stomach. The week was great (even if I did not fast, feeling too tired for that) and I really felt better, no internet, no work, etc. but a lot of energy.
Now, I feel like something is different. I have fewer blockages for starting my routine and I want to go further with this method.
Thanks again to Chaim.

— David Germeau
Personal Trainer & Nutritionist (Belgium)

I must say you really impressed me with what you teach in Balance Your Emotions!

W-O-W Chaim,
I must say you really impressed me with what you teach in Balance Your Emotions via Your Internal Organs to Improve Your Health and Vitality Audio Course.
I never imagined the mirror-image effect the body has in storing emotions and how the two Ping-Pong... and had never known about the TOO MUCH POSITIVE part.
WOW, that one really knocked me down!
Yes, I do have a tendency to have my liver kick me from time to time and I could relate it 3 years back to fear -but not now, not really as I set into a big determination - and am achieving my goal at record speed- and was baffled at -why now?
Yet yes enough... for most of these past 4 months, I have been doing an overdose of courage... just like you said.
And Chaim, when I did the exercises I was very settled and poised and expecting myself to be nice and cool... and was really NOT expecting to burst in tears and getting my T-shirt drenched from minute 1 to the end...!!
Potent, potent process, Chaim.
Am extremely happy -and relieved- that this can be used as often as needed, as my little "sponge" was pretty obviously close to explode.
Blessings from the bottom of freshly a tensed-untensed HEART!!

Love, love, love.

— Claudia Calvo
Costa Rica

Not Feeling Rushed When Working a Lot

Hi Chaim,

I wanted to thank you so much (again) for the session of the Yuen Method. It was very profound. I felt many shifts during the session energetically that I am still enjoying.
This is what I have noticed since: 1. very neutral about many things that come up, 2. I mentioned how I work so much and feel rushed all the time to go from one thing to another – I am still working as much but I am not feeling rushed – I am more present taking each moment a step at a time. 3. we had a 16,000 bottle delivery last week where truck was supposed to show up early in the a.m. and couldn’t make it until mid afternoon- we had to plan for people to help and a liftfork where they had a limited time that they could help us – I saw myself get annoyed with the truck driver and realized I was actually very neutral inside and that my response to him was just a habit. I actually felt everything would work out but had to do my song and dance (very old habit).
Now I see that a lot of how I respond is just a habit. As a step forward I have decided to be more conscious of my old habit of how I handle situations. To stop myself in my tracks. I feel this is possible because I have felt a shift where this sense of neutrality, hootlessness, balance, I know everything is a-ok, is present or alive which makes it easy.

Much appreciation,

— D.D.
Iowa, USA