Chronic Debilitating Side-Effects from the C (rona) and V (jabb) Protocol

This Protocol Incorporates Cellular Detoxification, Cell Regeneration and Cellular Nutrition by Using Cutting-Edge Regenerative Energy Medicine and Regenerative Nutraceuticals

  • Nano Soma Liquid Spray
  • First bottle – 5 sprays in mouth, 4 times a day, 4 hours apart until you finish the bottle (around 1 week)
  • Second bottle 5 sprays in mouth 2 times a day until you finish the bottle (around 2 weeks)
  • Continue with 5 sprays in mouth once a day

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  • Apply the Following Phototherapy Patches

*Y-Age Glutathione Clinical Study showed that it increases Glutathione levels by 300% within 24hrs

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Instructions: Follow the instructions given in the package.

  • Consume the Following Cutting-Edge Nutraceuticals
  • DOD C60 in Organic MCT Coconut Oil
  • Black Diamond Crystals
  • Black Gold

Instructions: 3 – 4 servings a day

  • DOD IGF1
  • Daily Cleansing Tea
  • Digest Complete

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Instructions: Follow the instructions given in the package.

  • Whole Food Vitamin C

Instructions: Don’t consume ascorbic acid, because it has shown to have a negative effect on the heart with people who have heart conditions.

  • Eat a Whole Food Diet
  • Drink, Cook and Bathe with Structured Water
  • QiGong Therapeutic Exercise

Yang Restoring Posture or Hunyuan Posture Exercise

Do it for 30 min or more, once or twice a day.

  • Sleep

Be in bed by 10:30pm.

Do this simple, yet effective Protocol…
And enjoy your results 🙂

*Results May Vary

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