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What Clients Are Saying...

The clearing I experienced left me feeling… free and open and ready to move forward with my life!

Feeling VIBRANT! Wow…. I had a comprehensive Energy session with Chaim Alexander! Chaim works with ease and follows the energy and gets right to the heart of the issue. Without knowing what was happening with my body on a physical level… he immediately connected that my fear and uncertainty was connected to my spine.

I am recovering from a spinal injury and while Chaim was not aware of that. His elegant and precise energy technique allowed a massive shift… physically, energetically and emotionally. Chaim took the time to go through all of my systems that were calling for support and deleted many blocks.The clearing I experienced left me feeling…. free and open and ready to move forward with my life!

Chaim’s compassion shined through the entire process and the guidance he shared expanded my view on healing!! Chaim is a truly brilliant and gifted Energy Practitioner. With Chaim’s support and healing you will THRIVE TO INFINITY! Thanks, Chaim!

— Nancy Jean Mirales
Chakra Therapist

Fear Caused by Traumatic Event Gone

I had not experienced something like I did before I met Chaim…

In the past he told me that he could help me whenever I feel tired or stressed, that day came. while I was commuting to my home I was robbed at gun point.

The robber shot off 1 shot and injured someone on the bus. I felt really bad because they stole some important documents and besides, I got really scared.

Two weeks later, I could speak to Chaim and he told me that we could do an activity in order to make me feel better.

During those 2 weeks I could not stay out outside at night because I was afraid of everything.

Also, I could not sleep well.
After our session which lasted about 20 minutes I started feeling better.

Now I can get some sleep and I recovered my life, I mean, I can do things like usual but without feeling scared.

— Tania Ugalde

My body has less pain and I am able to walk much longer distances

I have experienced an improved balanced approach to my work and have received compliments from some clients.

I have experienced an ability to talk through their thinking to keep them balanced and less stressed in my presence when I need to, in most cases, without "being the entertainment", or feeling compelled to explain too much.

My body has less pain and I am able to walk much longer distances. I spend less time "wanting entertainment".
I can have no mind again, or not.

I sleep restlessly or not and it matters little as I know I have found what I wanted; not a guru; but beings who enable me to feel better and improve myself to face my weaknesses.

There are no words to explain the gratitude I feel.

BIG thanks to Chaim.

My attitude to my life is changed for the better.

— Penelope

About Me

My name is Chaim Alexander, Founder of Thrive To Infinity™, Founder of Thrive To Infinity™ Academy, Creator of Quantum Leap Holistic Healing™, QiGong Science Teacher, Certified Serenity Holistic Therapist (based on Traditional Chinese Therapies). I’ve been working with clients from around the world for over 20 years now.