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Why Experiencing Mercury Retrograde Symptoms Is Not Good For Your Body… And How To Resolve Them Permanently.

solar-system-566537_640Many are in agreement that having a 4pm headache daily or having menstrual cramps is not something that is normal for a healthy human being to experience.
But when you say that experiencing “Mercury Retrograde symptoms” is not normal, you will find that many will disagree with you.

Just like having a 4pm headache daily or having menstrual cramps is not normal for healthy people to experience, it is also not normal to  experience “Mercury Retrograde symptoms” and “Symptoms of being an Empath” if you’re are in good health. When I’m saying good health, it is from the Holistic point of view.

Many people who have these symptoms carry it around like a Merit Badge. They also use it as a gauge. The more symptoms they experience and the more intense the symptoms are, the more evolved they are or are more in touch with ________ (you feel in the blank).

Experiencing those symptoms is actually damaging your body.

Just like experiencing symptoms from EMF is not a good thing, neither is experiencing negative symptoms  from, Mercury Retrograde or experiencing negative symptoms as a result of being an Empath/HSP.

There are 2 main reasons why people are suffering from those symptoms.

One, their internal fitness level is low.

Internal fitness – the fitness level of your Cells , Atoms, and Quantum Particles.
External fitness –  the fitness level of the tissues in your body.

If  you’re on a regular Fitness or Sports program, your are developing your External fitness level.

There is an Ancient Chinese saying that goes back thousands of years…
练拳不练功,到老一场空  “If you just practice external gongfu , there is nothing left when you are old.”

External gongfu is Fitness or Sports exercises.

From a QiGong perspective, anytime you’re doing External gongfu you’re draining your Chi and therefore, when you get old you will not have enough Chi left to sustain you.

One of my Qigong Teachers and Mentors said to me that he no longer teaches Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) courses to the general public. He found that when people have ESP it was draining their Chi and they were experiencing negative symptoms. He said, first a person needs to develop their internal energy to a high enough level before learning ESP otherwise they will just be damaging  their health.

The second main reason is not being able to control your mind effectively.
What do I mean by controlling  your mind effectively?

It means, that your mind is not being influenced by external factors.
A good example of this would be “road rage”. When someone is having road rage their mind is being influenced by other drivers, which shows they are not able to control their mind.

It is very hard to effectively control one’s mind if their internal fitness is low.

So how do you develop your Internal Fitness?

In my Invincible Empath™ Workshop and in my Yuen Method® Mastery (Module 1) Accredited Course I teach my students how to develop their internal fitness.

I also teach them how to have their Mind be balanced, centered and stable. When one’s mind is balanced, centered and stable, they will have good control of their mind and it will no longer be easily influenced  by external factors.

The Yuen Method® was created by Dr. Kam Yuen who is a Shaolin Kung Fu Grandmaster.

You can also learn how to develop your internal fitness and how to effectively control your mind by practicing a good Qigong system (or any other good Internal Energy System). Not all Qigong systems and Qigong Teachers are created equal. So you would need to find a good teacher.

If you’re currently practicing  an Internal Energy System and you are still experiencing “Mercury Retrograde symptoms”, I suggest you go back to your teacher and ask them why.

When you have good internal fitness and you’re able to effectively control your mind you will no longer suffer from “Mercury Retrograde symptoms”.

~Chaim Alexander


Chaim Alexander, Founder of Thrive To Infinity™, Creator of Triple Your Vitality™ Program, Creator of Invincible Empath™ Workshop, Licensed Yuen Method® Mastery Teacher, and a Certified Holistic Therapist and is a Teacher in Advance Qigong Science

He has been working in the Holistic Wellness field for over 20 years and have extensive training in Functional Fitness, Holistic Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Meditation, Tai Chi, Qigong, and Energetic Modalities.


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