Pain Dramatically Redused

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Gm. I know its early & I am sorry 2 bother u. I need some help please. I have been sooo sick for 14 days already. Last night it became really bad & I am scared. My throat is very sore and my ears hurt a lot. Can I find u later 2 do some Yuen? I don’t think I should be moving anything & I think ur going away next weekend. I really don’t understand this!




How are you feeling now?


Getting better thank u!



Keep me posted


Ok, Thank you so much!


I was really scared Chaim. Thank u 4 helping me. Everytime I think its going away it came back w a vengeance. My ears went from a solid 10 to a 2 and my throat went from a solid 10 to a 4. Thank u! Xoxoxoxoxo

Donna D


Proactive and Motivated

Hello Chaim,

I just wanted to thank you again for the session we had.

All I can say is that since that day I have felt unstoppable, I’ve been working and doing the things that I wanted and was planning to do for a long time and that I was leaving behind.

That was what we worked in the session.

I haven’t felt this proactive and motivated for long time. Nice.

Sandra Iozzelli, Coach for Entrepreneurs 



Phobia of Frogs Resolved

Email Session:


Hi Chaim,


Ok 1 issue in 3 sentences…..

Phobia of frogs = their eyes and their texture freak me out. I always think they are going to jump on me. It makes me scared, stressed and nauseous.

Many thanks,



Hi Chaim,

I was driving home on my motorbike last night and a frog was in the road and it hopped towards me as I drove past – normally this would freak me out, although I flinched and moved my foot a bit, I didn’t scream or freak out at all!!

I don’t really understand what you did but the frog was more of a nuisance than something to be scared of!

Thank you x

Samantha George

International Holistic Lifestyle Coach


Fear Caused by Traumatic Event Gone

408615_438788542823639_2035352477_nI had not experienced something like I did before I met Chaim…

In the past he told me that he could help me whenever I feel tired or stressed, that day came. while I was commuting to my home I was robbed at gun point. The robber shot off 1 shot and injured someone on the bus. I felt really bad because they stole some important documents and besides, I got really scared.

Two weeks later, I could speak to Chaim and he told me that we could do an activity in order to make me feel better.

During those 2 weeks I could not stay out outside at night because I was afraid of everything. Also, I could not sleep well.

After our session which lasted about 20 minutes I started feeling better.

Now I can get some sleep and I recovered my life, I mean, I can do things like usual but without feeling scared.

Tania Ugalde


Unca había experimentado algo como lo que me ocurrió cuando conocí a Chaim. Había pasado tiempo desde que hablé con él y me comentó que sí algún día me sentía cansada o estresada el podía ayudarme. Ese día llegó. Fuí asaltada en un camión en mi camino de regreso a casa. Me sentí mal porque robaron documentos importantes además de que me sentía muy asustada. Cuando hablé con Chaim me comentó que podíamos hacer una actividad que duró aproximadamente 20 minutos. Anteriormente no podía dormir bien y no me gustaba estar en la calle durante la noche. Después de la sesión la cuál duró 20 minutos me sentí mejor, ahora puedo dormir mejor y hago mi vida normal como siempre.

Tania Ugalde


Overcoming Blockages

Before working with Chaim I was struggling with my exercises routine. Going through financial and emotional challenges for the last few years, my physical routine was getting smaller and smaller, or even none existent, fear was taking too much space in my head I was on a survival mode.

As a trainer, I coach and teach people that moving is really important and something you should not escape, even if this is at a low intensity.

Now, being in a fear reaction for financial reasons, I thought I would be more efficient by studying and learning more tools to have more clients. Then I have learned about the Yuen Mastery and the services of Chaim. Knowing and trusting the skills of Chaim in Holistic training, I wanted to have a try of the Yuen Mastery and I was really surprised.

I asked Chaim to help me with the basics:

I need to move, help me to go back to a physical routine. This is especially important for me that as a child, I was more often in a “freeze” state than in action. And Chaim really impressed me with this technique: after a few min he was giving me info and directions to understand what I was going through and what was blocking.

After the session, he gave me exercises that really blow me away. I sat down and observe what I was feeling: better. Then I asked to my inner self what the next step was. The answer was quick and surprising at first: “Take a week off, practice Tai-Chi, meditation and fasting for a week”. I told my wife, not taking it seriously and she said “If you do it, I will support you” Waouw … as a freelance, on a survival state for the last 5 years, it was a big choice to make and I have done it. I cancelled all my clients of the week, with this strange node in my stomach. The week was great (even if I did not fast, feeling too tired for that) and I really felt better, no internet, no work, etc. but a lot of energy.

Now, I feel like something is different. I have fewer blockages for starting my routine and I want to go further with this method. Thanks again to Chaim.

David Germeau, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist (Belgium)

Live Energy Corrections Call

You’re invited to a free live energetic corrections tele-clinic.

I’ll be running a tele-clinic

You will be able to get live energetic corrections for:

  • Your Relationship
  • Your Physical Health & Wellness
  • Your Mental & Emotional Health & Wellness
  • Your Fitness & Weight Loss
  • Your Finances
  • Your Business
  • Your Life Issues

I will be using Yuen Mastery on this call.

Yuen Mastery, is a merging of ancient Shaolin secrets with quantum physics, provides a revolutionary technique for eliminating the root causes of your life obstacles and challenging you to live your full potential.

The Yuen Mastery was developed by Shaolin Grandmaster Dr. Kam Yuen, who is a Doctor of Chiropractic and former aerospace engineer.

Date: Sunday, May 13, 2012

Time: 2:30pm NY Time

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You may connect via phone or Skype.





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Resistance and Terrible Flue Gone

I want to share my experiences working with Chaim. Before working with Chaim I was resisting too many things and I was very in-decisive about some things in my life and I used to feel a big resistance when thinking about them.  Also, the day that I was working with him, I had a terrible flu.


My flu got so much better in just 2 days and I started to do the things that I  strongly resisted in the past.

Change was so quick and observable.

Now I experience acceptance, clarity and aliveness.

I really appreciate Chaim’s help too much and want to thank him.

Ayse Kilic

Istanbul, Turkey

Not Feeling Rushed When Working a Lot

Hi Chaim,

I wanted to thank you so much (again) for the session of the Yuen Method.  It was very profound.  I felt many shifts during the session energetically that I am still enjoying.

This is what I have noticed since:  1. very neutral about many things that come up, 2. I mentioned how I work so much and feel rushed all the time to go from one thing to another – I am still working as much but I am not feeling rushed – I am more present taking each moment a step at a time.  3.  we had a 16,000 bottle delivery last week where truck was supposed to show up early in the a.m. and couldn’t make it until mid afternoon- we had to plan for people to help and a liftfork where they had a limited time that they could help us – I saw myself get annoyed with the truck driver and realized I was actually very neutral inside and that my response to him was just a habit.  I actually felt everything would work out but had to do my song and dance (very old habit).

Now I see that a lot of how I respond is just a habit.  As a step forward I have decided to be more conscious of my old habit of how I handle situations.  To stop myself in my tracks.  I feel this is possible because I have felt a shift where this sense of neutrality, hootlessness, balance, I know everything is a-ok, is present or alive which makes it easy.

Much appreciation,


Iowa, USA