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What Clients Are Saying

Hi Chaim,
I was driving home on my motorbike last night and a frog was in the road and it hopped towards me as I drove past – normally this would freak me out, although I flinched and moved my foot a bit, I didn’t scream or freak out at all!!
I don’t really understand what you did but the frog was more of a nuisance than something to be scared of!
Thank you x
Samantha George
International Holistic Lifestyle Coach

​

About Chaim Alexander

Hello there!
My name is Chaim and I like to personally thank you for visiting my site.
Since the mid 90s I have been working with clients and patients in the areas of fitness, health, physiotherapy & holistic wellness in assisting them to achieve their goals and desires.
Around 2009 I asked myself this question…
Why is it that some people struggle with their health, wealth and wellness?
And some people thrive?
So I began on a quest to find the answer to my question...


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